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October 6, 2015

Aline and Mat. I photographed their wedding last summer in Margaret River and we became friends. Not only that, I also met a bunch of great new people through Mat and Aline, some whom’s wedding I got to photograph as well. Now they are pregnant. When I was staying in Exmouth (to photograph Mat’s best mates wedding) we ventured out to Charlie’s knife, one of Mat’s favourite spots and also one of the most iconic look out spots in Exmouth. I was prepared for a surprise as Mat and Aline are crazy cats but the onesies.. nop. Did not see that coming. Can not thank them enough though it looks awesome!

exmouth.maternity.portrait_12exmouth.maternity.portrait_01    exmouth.maternity.portrait_03exmouth.maternity.portrait_05   exmouth.maternity.portrait_08  exmouth.maternity.portrait_04 exmouth.maternity.portrait_11  exmouth.maternity.portrait_06exmouth.maternity.portrait_13 exmouth.maternity.portrait_24exmouth.maternity.portrait_25exmouth.maternity.portrait_14 exmouth.maternity.portrait_15 exmouth.maternity.portrait_16   exmouth.maternity.portrait_19  exmouth.maternity.portrait_21 exmouth.maternity.portrait_22   exmouth.maternity.portrait_18

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