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January 22, 2015

Once upon a time there was this thought to get married in Fiji.. and it happened! What better scenario then to be surrounded by family and friends on a tropical island when you say ‘yes I do’

Digby and Ruth made their dreams real and got hitched in paradise. Imaging hanging out lots on the beach with your best mates and family, cocktails in overflow and a photographer to capture it all. A wedding holiday at your feet! I can speak for all when I say that we all had THE BEST TIME EVER! Here a few moments of the pre wedding fun…

Digby & Ruth’s engagement session got featured in the first print edition of Bula Bride Magazine 

Wedding photos will follow soon!! xxx Nic


Fiji.wedding.RD_01 Fiji.wedding.RD_02 Fiji.wedding.RD_20 Fiji.wedding.RD_04 Fiji.wedding.RD_05 Fiji.wedding.RD_06 Fiji.wedding.RD_07Fiji.wedding.RD_08 Fiji.wedding.RD_09 Fiji.RD.engagement_075Fiji.wedding.RD_11 Fiji.wedding.RD_12 Fiji.wedding.RD_13 Fiji.wedding.RD_14 Fiji.wedding.RD_15Fiji.wedding.RD_16Fiji.RD.engagement_105Fiji.wedding.RD_18 Fiji.wedding.RD_21 Fiji.RD.engagement_107_MG_6341Fiji.wedding.RD_22 Fiji.RD.engagement_101Fiji.wedding.RD_27Fiji.wedding.RD_28Fiji.wedding.RD_26 Fiji.wedding.RD_29 Fiji.wedding.RD_23Fiji.wedding.RD_25Fiji.wedding.RD_24Fiji.wedding.RD_30 Fiji.wedding.RD_31 Fiji.wedding.RD_32 Fiji.wedding.RD_33 Fiji.wedding.RD_34 Fiji.wedding.RD_35 Fiji.wedding.RD_37 Fiji.wedding.RD_38

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