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January 21, 2016

Kate and Brenton! It was a hot hot hot hot day in Fremantle but it did not stop us! Kate and the girls got ready in an apartment located in the hart of town. The boys came up for a drink and a chill out, we then strolled our way down to Moore & Moore, taking pics along the way! Guests arrived at Moore & Moore for 6pm, we started the ceremony and kicked off into drinking, eating and dancing not long after.  love this kinda time line for a wedding day. Fun for all!

bridal gown by Rue the Seine from Through The White Door 
flowers, styling and wedding invites by Maminkwink
ceremony and reception venue Moore&Moore

01_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 02_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 03_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 04_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 05_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 06_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 07_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 08_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 09_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 10_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 11_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 12_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 13_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 14_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 15_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 16_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 17_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 18_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 19_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 20_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 21_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 22_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 23_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 24_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 25_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 26_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 27_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 28_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 29_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 30_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 31_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 32_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 33_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 34_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 35_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 36_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 37_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 38_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 39_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 40_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 41_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 42_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 43_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 44_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 45_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 46_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 47_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 48_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 49_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 50_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 51_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 52_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 53_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 54_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 55_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 56_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 57_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 58_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 59_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 60_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 61_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 62_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 63_BK_Fremantle.wedding_ 64_BK_Fremantle.wedding_

  • Geoff and Kerry Johnston says:

    How beautiful Katie and Brenton, what a beautiful wedding and gorgeous venue, and just how beautiful is the bride, proud as punch mum and dad, and all involved, congrats again to you both, may you live a wonderfull long and happy life together, LOVE Geoffrey and Kerry XX

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