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October 31, 2013

Jessica and Stephen tied the not late September 2013 at the groovy moore&moore cafe and art gallery, located in the hart of Fremantle. Congrats to you both! Nic

Dress by Flannel
lowers by Lime Flowers East Fremantle
Wedding Celebrant – Tina Fiorda 

SJ_fremantle.moore_001 SJ_fremantle.moore_002 SJ_fremantle.moore_003 SJ_fremantle.moore_004 SJ_fremantle.moore_005 SJ_fremantle.moore_006 SJ_fremantle.moore_007 SJ_fremantle.moore_008 SJ_fremantle.moore_009 Jess.Stephen.wed_061.... SJ_fremantle.moore_010Jess.Stephen.wed_044 SJ_fremantle.moore_019SJ_fremantle.moore_013 SJ_fremantle.moore_014 SJ_fremantle.moore_015 SJ_fremantle.moore_016 SJ_fremantle.moore_017 SJ_fremantle.moore_018 SJ_fremantle.moore_020 SJ_fremantle.moore_021 SJ_fremantle.moore_022 SJ_fremantle.moore_023 SJ_fremantle.moore_024 SJ_fremantle.moore_025 SJ_fremantle.moore_026 SJ_fremantle.moore_027 SJ_fremantle.moore_029 SJ_fremantle.moore_028 SJ_fremantle.moore_030 SJ_fremantle.moore_031 SJ_fremantle.moore_032 SJ_fremantle.moore_033 SJ_fremantle.moore_034 SJ_fremantle.moore_035 SJ_fremantle.moore_036 SJ_fremantle.moore_037 SJ_fremantle.moore_038 SJ_fremantle.moore_039 SJ_fremantle.moore_040 SJ_fremantle.moore_041 SJ_fremantle.moore_042 SJ_fremantle.moore_043 SJ_fremantle.moore_044 SJ_fremantle.moore_045 SJ_fremantle.moore_046 SJ_fremantle.moore_047 SJ_fremantle.moore_048 SJ_fremantle.moore_049 SJ_fremantle.moore_050 SJ_fremantle.moore_052 SJ_fremantle.moore_053 SJ_fremantle.moore_054 SJ_fremantle.moore_055 SJ_fremantle.moore_057 SJ_fremantle.moore_058 SJ_fremantle.moore_059 SJ_fremantle.moore_064 SJ_fremantle.moore_061 SJ_fremantle.moore_060 SJ_fremantle.moore_062 SJ_fremantle.moore_063 SJ_fremantle.moore_065

  • Gwen Krakouer says:

    Hi, I am David Hatton’s step mother and I want to tell you that these photos are
    so beautiful and really make me feel part of the big day for Jessica and Stephen.
    I live in Bali and so it’s very special for me to see all the wonderful detail and
    thought that has gone into your work to keep this day alive, for everyone.
    Keep up the good work, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone needing a good photographer.

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