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February 18, 2015

My attitude to a fun and successful portrait shoot is to just go for a walk, let it happen and pictures appear. I love it when time and time again this formula works. I not only end up having the best time getting to know my clients, some pretty darn cool pics appear though my viewfinder and later look even more epic on my screen. Michelle and Chris are getting married soon and I can’t wait to shoot their big day!

MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.01 MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.02       MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.12MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.07MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.06MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.05MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.29MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.36    MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.13  MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.37MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.16 MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.17   MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.38MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.09 MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.08    MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.20   MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.21 MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.22    MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.27MC.fremantle.portrait.engagement.04

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