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November 14, 2014

It had been raining most days we scheduled to meet up for our shoot. But not on this particular Friday. I called Yvonne at 1pm saying yep, the sun is out, lets go. Only two more days before they get married. I am ready! Nic

E_YI_Mosman.Park.Oct.14_068mosman.park.wedding.08 mosman.park.wedding.02 E_YI_0306E_YI_0798mosman.park.wedding.10mosman.park.engagment.shoot.7mosman.park.wedding.11 mosman.park.wedding.12 mosman.park.wedding.13 mosman.park.wedding.14E_YI_0718mosman.park.wedding.09 E_YI_0983mosman.park.wedding.15 mosman.park.wedding.16 mosman.park.wedding.19 mosman.park.wedding.18mosman.park.wedding.20 mosman.park.wedding.21 mosman.park.wedding.17mosman.park.wedding.22 mosman.park.wedding.23E_YI_Mosman.Park.Oct.14_122E_YI_0864mosman.park.wedding.24 mosman.park.wedding.25

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